Our Insights

We have learned a lot about the leadership requirements of high growth, entrepreneurial companies over the past 14 years. We are constantly looking to improve our understanding, through both our own research and insights gathered from the broader entrepreneurial environment.

Boards - Asset or Liability?

Learnings from interviews with scaling company board members outlining their experience of scaling boards and some of the key factors for optimising performance

Ignorance - is it really bliss?

Thoughts on the value for scaling companies of accessing the 'right expertise' in the 'right way'

Exits - the Agony and the Ecstasy

Learnings from our interviews with over 20 successful exit stakeholders


On-boarding – key principles

Finding great senior leaders is critically important, but their success is highly dependent on a successful transition into the organisation. Many companies have strong on-boarding processes, but frequently overlook these for senior hires. This document outlines our thoughts on an on-boarding process, and includes some templates that may be helpful in designing an effective on-boarding plan for new senior appointment.


a16z Podcast on key role independent directors can play on a board

Podcast, moderated by a16z managing partner Scott Kupor, general partner Lars Dalgaard (formerly CEO and founder of SuccessFactors) and executive coach (and former investor) Anne Mitchell - both of whom have served on boards for companies all the way from initial set-up to IPO - share their thoughts and experiences on what makes an ideal board ... especially when it comes to "independents" i.e. board members who are not investors.